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Whether you are planning your first business trip or you already are a seasoned traveler, we've put some business travel tips together to make your lifetime easier and to help you get the obtain the most from your trip.

Tips about how to travel wisely

You can make things a lot easier on yourself simply by getting your routes organized to provide best comfort and convenience. There is nothing worse than scrambling from the plane or train and arriving for any meting feeling like you've been subjected to the wringer. It's a good idea to obtain your travel wallet to help keep all your travel related papers in one place and to give you easy access.

Always pre-book your travel tickets and print off any confirmation documents to go in your travel wallet. Similarly, always pre-book your accommodation and again, print off any confirmations to put in your travel wallet.

Travelgenio celebrates its 3rd anniversary

Always take your laptop ensure that it stays along with you. Never place it with the baggage. Talking about baggage, or rather luggage, hand luggage, have a small bag or case (the type the airline will accept within the cabin - or you can just make the boot of your car, or easy to carry on the train) and just possess a change of shirt, underwear, and socks with you should you need them.

Electronics - Be ready for any eventuality

Just a little thought and research will go quite a distance here, especially if you are travelling abroad. Different mains plug configurations can generate problems and also the easiest way of solving that one is to find among those universal adapter kits. Just remember to check that your destination country is included with that particular adapter. Similarly, telephone sockets vary. Not all countries have Wi-Fi to need to connect your laptop to the web using a phone socket. Again you can purchase an adapter kit that covers most countries.

Your mobile phone may allow you to connect to the net, but check what ISP's are available where you stand going and, if appropriate, register together beforehand. Get a portable printer and take by using you complete with spare ink cartridges and paper. Great for preparing agendas etc out of your accommodation. It certainly is a good idea too, to take an Ethernet cable. Not every hotels have them in their rooms. One last thing is a couple of USB memory sticks.always useful.